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Whole Sale Tie Dye

Whole Sale Tie Dye

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A great way to enhance your biasness with a pop of color is offering tie dye apparel. We offer different articles of apparel options, different colors and dye methods for each set of 14, and you get to pick different sizes. Our blanks are high quality and 100% Cotton that is pre shrunk. We use unisex items and they are true to size. Our dye is commercial grade so it will last for years to come and not fade. 

Ice Dye is a way to see color splits and blends as it dyes. Often times making very unique patterns and colors all on its own. 

Solid Dye Is one color dye but still gives those variant of that color and pops of white in-between. 

Spiral Dye is when we make the shirt into a wheel and each section flows into the next. 


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